Beginning of the activities in Tiran, an island that given back to Saudi Arabia by Egypt & protests over giving these islands

A New beginning in the relation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Since the current regime of Saudi Arabia, has opted for a way of making more friends and enhance relation with its already existing friends, so that also consists of its approach of having strong ties with its old friend that is none other than Egypt. And as the regime of Saudi Arabia, got succeeded in improving ties with Egypt, so that led to the cooperation in many fields such as aim to fight against terrorism, improve economic ties, but the point that got its distinctive popularity, when it comes to the recent cooperation between both these two countries was the declaration of two islands as the Saudi Arabia’s property by Egypt, that were being administered by the Egypt for the longest period of time. Although the current regime of Egypt had to face some sort of resistance, but that did not make the regime of Egypt rethink the decision of giving those Islands to Saudi Arabia.

Resistance over this decision of the Egypt’s regime

As the Egypt’s regime has come up with the decision of giving these islands to Saudi Arabia, so that brought the angry protesters in Egypt to the streets and roads and on April 15 angry protesters over this decision of the Egypt’s regime to give these islands to Saudi Arabia came on the streets of Cairo. The decision of giving back these islands to Saudi Arabia, has come up during the five-day visit to Egypt by the leader of Saudi Arabia and you must remember that it was his first visit after taking office.

Let’s find out more about the agreement between these two countries

If you go through the agreement between both these two countries, so you will come to know that Egypt have now officially recognized the Red Sea islands such as Tiran and Sanafir at the southern entrance to the Gulf Aqaba as the properties of Saudi Arabia. And if you go through the history regarding these islands, so you will come across the fact that in 1950 during the reign of King Farouk, the administration of these islands were properly transferred to Egypt and those who knew the facts regarding it, revealed more that transferring the administration of these islands, was actually requested by Saudi King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud as Saudi Arabia at that time did not have a proper naval force which was the immense need of protecting these Islands. If you explore the history, so you will come across more details that the reason behind asking the Egyptians to protect or govern these Islands by the leader of Saudi Arabia, was actually because Saudi Arabia at that time had a fear of witnessing Israel capturing these islands following the 1948 war in Palestine and that war is remembered as the biggest defeat of the Arab armies by Israel. If this is the history of both these islands, so protesting against this decision of the current regime of Egypt, is not justifiable, and in the recent times the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia also came up with some evidences to be the actual owners of these islands.

Let’s find out what is currently happening in Tiran

Well, if you are person who is more into finding new places and fond of visiting some exciting islands all across the world, so Tiran is the right place for you as currently this island has succeeded to attract people from all across the world towards itself following its transfer to Saudi Arabia and since that development took place between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, so that paved a way for tourists from both the Arab region and the rest of the world to visit that island, which is the one of the beautiful places of the world to visit by tourists. Before the development of taking control of this island by the current regime of Saudi Arabia many sites of Tiran were not properly known to the rest of the world, but that is not the situation anymore as after that development those sites of Tiran have been properly captured on camera and revealed them for the rest of the world, which has attracted tourists from all over the world and that has made Tiran as one of the hottest destinations for tourists.

What to know more about Tiran?

If you are about to visit this place, so before heading towards it and enjoy that great place, you must know that this island has some international peace-keeping troops, who visit the island through helicopter each day, so if you come across that sort of activity there so that should not get you worried and the ship which got sunk in 1981 and the coral reefs compel you to look at them enthusiastically. Those who have been there have come up with a conclusion that you cannot help taking photos of the beautiful sites of this island. In order to protect the coral reefs, there is the Egyptian law for it and the reason not to remove that specific ship which got sunk back in 1981 is because that may damage the coral reefs, which happen to be the most famous and prominent thing of this great island, which is rapidly getting popularity among the tourists from all across the world. Since the Saudi Arabia’s regime has gained its control properly so that accelerated the tourist activities in that place and lots of tourists which have different nationalities gather for the exciting trip to this Saudi island at 8 am each day in the Marina area of Sharm Al-Sheikh, which is 500km away from Cairo.
According to many people, these islands will not only be known as the hottest destination for the tourism, in fact, they will also be known as the important contributors to the progressive economy of Saudi Arabia, which will definitely help the country in many ways.