A strategy of excellence, product takes into effect, P8 start another journey

Lahore, June 22, 2015 (PPI-OT):According to the worldwide survey in 2014, Huawei brand awareness from 52% to 65% has been nearly two-thirds of global consumer awareness. At the same time, Huawei brand net value increased to 43% is recommended, which means that 43% of Huawei’s mobile phone users are used to recommend to the people around Huawei cell phone, Huawei brand experience to bring consumers improved significantly, making Huawei product reputation.

In this excellent situation, Huawei launched in 2015, a new flagship – Huawei P8 in London which is now also available in Pakistan market. Recently, Huawei P8 broke the news about the endless speculation on kinds of information, whether it is an industry, or consumers zeroed in on this flagship product. Huawei reason for the rapid growth of the past few years the reputation, win focus, its “quality strategy” are not unrelated.

Overweight high-end boutique brand strategy

In early 2013, Huawei launched a full line of the brand concept Make it Possible (rows practice words), consumer demand for product development, to create a mobile phone quality, thus Huawei cell phone began constructing quality strategy, such as Huawei P6, Huawei P7, Huawei mate7 etc. The products are distinguished for the quality of the strategy, it is also due to the implementation of quality strategy, which began from the low-end market, and Huawei gradually shift to high-end market penetration.

Huawei’s 2014 sales data from the point of view, high-end smart phone shipments accounted for a substantial rise, reaching 18%. Where the annual flagship Huawei P7 listed six months over 4 million units shipped worldwide, Mate7 are fanatical pursuit of global high-end business people, retailers increase sales still in short supply, listing three months shipped 200 million units.

You can see, along with high-end models of the world’s best -selling, Huawei brand awareness continues to rise, the domestic mobile phone brand in high-profile, low-price shopping but also because of the image quality strategy pursued by Huawei and change.

Quality strategy stems from profound technical strength:

Huawei’s quality strategy is the maximum support force from Huawei profound technical strength. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) recently released the latest report shows that according to the international patent applications last year, Huawei ranked first. According to media reports, only in the past year, Huawei’s R and D investment reached 40.8 billion yuan, accounting for 14% of corporate revenue.

Huawei’s R and D strength is the most direct manifestation of the Hass chip. The outside world has long been rumored, the latest development of the Hass unicorn over 935 eight -core CPU Huawei’s cutting-edge technology, this crystallization, probably the blessing over Huawei P8, this rumor to make the new performance boost even more worth the wait. We can see, enhance R and D strength, has become a driving force of Huawei smart phones, to ensure the smooth implementation of the Huawei brand strategy.

Under the guidance of quality strategy, Huawei’s leading product for users seeking the ultimate experience, to be reflected in Huawei P6, P7 and Mate7 other fine mobile products, these products sought by consumers worldwide, Huawei brand up market the initiative to form a good start.

Huawei P6, P7 and Mate7 other high-end mobile phones in the global market demand, so that Huawei “quality strategy” beginning to bear results. Through these strong market response quality mobile brings, Huawei cell phone brand to a whole new height, even confrontation with the international giants, can rival.

Insiders pointed out that, in 2015, Huawei are strategic lay out; Huawei P8 is undoubtedly the most important of a piece. P8 unlisted Huawei has gained such a high degree of attention, illustrates the high degree of consumer recognition of Huawei’s mobile phones, also shows that Huawei’s high-end market, brand influence is gradually increasing.

Huawei deep technical strength of support, we believe that the upcoming P8 Huawei will also deliver the goods to the strong Performance and application bring quality experience, the Huawei brand strategy to a new height, to conquer the world’s consumers.

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