Cormack Consultancy Group goes from Strength to Strength with opening of Pakistan Office

Lahore, March 08, 2013 (PPI-OT): Cormack Consultancy Group (CCG) sees 2013 get off to a flying start with the opening of an office in Pakistan at the beginning of this month. This is in addition to the three offices the group opened last year in Russia, Romania and India.

Established by Charles Cormack 12 years ago, the consultancy specialises in advising companies on international business development. It helps businesses understand the benefits of working internationally, through exporting, outsourcing, FDI and supply chain development. Clients range from Deutsche Bank and RES Group to start-ups and the consultancy has sector specific expertise in education, financial services, renewable energy, IT, manufacturing, textiles, food processing and professional services.

Charles Cormack said: “We see the Pakistan region holding huge potential for UK companies wishing to establish a base there or form joint ventures as the economy there grows. In particular the following sectors are showing huge growth in Pakistan: jewellery, cotton yarn, cement, synthetic textiles, surgical instruments, leather goods, sports goods, marble and other precision stones. Additionally, trading opportunities exist in Pakistan for foreign companies to provide investment and expertise in: mining for minerals, conventional and alternative energy generation security services, electronics manufacturing and outsourcing of technology and services based business. “

Abdul Mann, CCG Pakistan Director added: “Being a former British colony, and an integral UK British-Pakistani community, together with Pakistan having a cultural make-up similar to India (yet is 40% cheaper), trading with Pakistan and leveraging the labour arbitrage, affords huge opportunities to foreign firms looking for growth investments and cost savings.

Geographically, Pakistan has borders with two of the economical super-powers of China and India and the country looks set to become one of the beneficiaries of its economic superpower neighbours. Coupled with a booming middle-class and a technology and consumer hungry young population, Pakistan offers foreign firms a growing market opportunity.”

Charles Cormack said: “Our group as a whole has seen many UK businesses wanting to explore overseas markets and exports. What we do is give a helping help by leading them through the legal, financial, administrative, investment and logistical maze, which can be pretty daunting if you don’t have local knowledge and people on the ground.

We run regular trade missions and ‘discovery’ tours to help companies learn about the opportunities the emerging and new economies hold. Over the past decade we have helped over 500 companies do business and secure contracts internationally. This has been not only with clients in countries where we have offices but also the USA, Germany, Sweden and Poland.”

CCG now has offices in Scotland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and India (with a sub office in Italy) with a full-time staff of twenty-five people.

Last year the group won a SCDI (Scottish Council for Development and Industry) award – The Brodies LLP International Award for Innovation in Product or Service Development. Charles Cormack and his team received the award from Lady Susan Rice, SCDI president in the presence of Dr Madeline K Albright, the first female US Secretary of State.

For more information, contact:
Abdul Mann
Cormack Consultancy Group
2nd Floor, Ali Sher
TrustHospital Building,
Opp. Kehkashan Colony,
Jaranwala Road,
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Tel: +92 41 854 6345
Fax: +92 41 872 6345

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