First Impression of Huawei P8

Lahore, June 23, 2015 (PPI-OT):Despite many preconceived notions regarding the quality and performance (the lack of either), the P8 turned out to be a rather pleasant experience. Its beating heart is a 2 GHz outscore processor teamed with a combination of 16GB ROM and a 3GB RAM to provide a fairly decent abundance of computing power. Any and all applications were usable without any noticeable drop in processing speed.

Leave too many apps running in the background and there may be a chance of the phone slowing down but I experienced nothing of the sort despite running three of the heaviest apps I could find all day long.
Display is provided by virtue of a 5.2inch IPS LCD boosting a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

While the screen of the P8 lacks the razor sharp display of Samsung flagships and is nowhere near as sublime as the touch of an iPhone, it is still a fantastic blend of smooth operation and functionality, leaving little to be desired. After operating all three alternatives, it becomes apparent that the P8 screen is worthy of being included in the company of the other two.

The absolute gem in the Huawei P8 is without a moments doubt, the 13-megapixel rear camera. It is an absolute peach to use, featuring built in photo effects and an auto focus that seems to know exactly what the user wants. Pictures are taken in vivid detail and in video mode the camera captures movements with great clarity. The company claims that the camera in the P8 is as good as a DSLR and while I may not be sure about this bold claim, I do know with absolute conviction that it is one of the best cameras ever fitted to a phone.

Storage is dealt with by either a 16GB built in hard drive or a 64GB built in hard drive depending upon variant. Power is provided through a 2680 mAh battery which on a full charge should realistically give you about two to two and a half days of moderate usage such as social apps and routine calls. Using 3G or playing games will decrease battery time significantly.

The P8 is wrapped up in a metal shell which is not only attractive to behold but feels well made with volume keys, power keys and both sim card slots on one side leaving the other neat. To sum up then, the Huawei P8 feels and functions like a good quality smartphone should and out of ten, I would grade it eight.

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