Bata Pakistan Limited’s financial results for the year ended December 31, 2011

Karachi: We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting held on Monday 27th February, 2012 at 11.00 a.m. at Batapur, Lahore recommended the following:


(I) Final Cash Dividend 200% (Rs.20.00 per share)
(II) Bonus Shares  Nil
(III)  Right Shares   Nil
(IV) Any Other Entitlement   Nil


The final results of the Company are as follows:



2011 2010
Sales 9,816,296 8,329,829
Cost of Sales 6,275,619 4,997,901
———– ———–
Gross Profit 3,540,677 3,331,928
Distribution Cost 1,831,314 1,597,220
Administrative Expenses 599,158 468,339
Other Operating Expenses 76,537 92,660
———– ———–
2,507,009 2,158,219
Other Operating Income 42,546 55,047
———– ———–
Operating Profit 1,076,214 1,228,756
Finance Costs 51,206 39,735
———– ———–
Profit Before Taxation 1,025,008 1,189,021
Taxation 276,838 317,728
———– ———–
Profit After Taxation 748,170 871,293
———– ———–
Earnings Per Share – Basic and Diluted Rs.98.96 Rs. 115.25


The Annual General Meeting of the Company will be held at 12:00 ant on Thursday 19th April, 2012 at Batapur.

Kindly grant approval to hold the AGM on the said date.

The Final Dividend if approved by the Shareholders will be paid to the shareholders whose names appear in the Register of Members on 19th April, 2012.

The Share Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from 13th to 19th April, 2012 (both days inclusive). Transfers received at the Registered Office of the Company at Batapur at the close of business on 12th April, 2012 will be treated in time for purpose of payment of Dividend to Transferees.

We will be sending you 300 copies of printed final accounts for distribution amongst the members of the Exchange in due course of time.

For more information, Contact:
Bata Pakistan Limited
Batapur, Lahore, Pakistan
UAN: 92-42-111-044-055
Fax: 92-42-36581176-77

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