Israel Detains Eight Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

Israeli forces on Sunday detained at least eight Palestinians in the West Bank districts of Hebron and Bethlehem, as well as in Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

In Jerusalem, Israeli police detained Lo’ai Abu Saad who works as a guard with the Jordan-run Islamic Waqf, in charge of running al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the city.

Meanwhile in Hebron district, Israeli army stormed the town of Beit Awwa, where they detained Diaa Masalmeh, 21, and Muntaser Masalmeh, 18, after raiding and searching their family homes.

The army also detained Rajaee Jaber, 25, from Hebron city, as well as Nehad Amer and Mohammad Farid Rajai, 23, from the nearby town of Dora.

In Bethlehem area, Israeli troops broke into the village of al-Khader, south of the city, and detained Yousef Eissa, 26, after raiding and searching his family home.

Another Palestinian, Muneer Shanaytah, 33, was also detained by Israeli troops who stormed the nearby village of al-Abidiya.

Source : Wafa

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