Palestine condemns Israeli decision to let Knesset members storm Al-Aqsa

Ramallah, (IINA) – The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced Israel’s provocative decision to allow Jewish Knesset members to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, saying that the Israeli government will bear full responsibility for the decision’s repercussions and consequences.

In a statement, issued on Monday, the ministry called on countries seeking to re-launch the peace process to abandon their silence and take urgent action to put an end to Israeli attempts that aim to thwart negotiation-resuming efforts.

The ministry pointed out that the Israeli government have proven itself to be a settler government by showing hostility to negotiation-resuming and peace-achieving efforts.

It said that the Israeli government is adhering to a dark right-wing ideology that aims to Judaize the Palestinian territories in general and occupied Jerusalem in particular.

Source: International Islamic News Agency


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