Paying E. Jerusalem Schools to Switch to Israeli Curriculum is War, said Education Ministry

The ministry of higher education Sunday expressed strong dismay at what it described as an Israeli war against the East Jerusalem schools through the educational process.

It said in a press release that the Israeli education ministry is trying to lure schools in East Jerusalem that stick to the Palestinian curriculum into switching to the Israeli curriculum in exchange of extra funding.

The ministry said this move is a “war against the Palestinian and Arab identity of East Jerusalem’s schools and a blatant attempt to mask the Palestinian identity of these educational institutions.”

“By trying to enforce these laws, Israel is confiscating Palestinians’ basic rights which protect their identity, culture and curriculum,” said the ministry.

The campaign, which is in full swing, now must be confronted by Palestinian and Arab businessmen who can support East Jerusalem’s schools and protect these institutions from any Israeli attempts to take advantage of their financial needs, it added.

Source: Wafa

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