SAI Chief concerned over gas shortage in the Sindh Province

Karachi, November 01, 2019 (PPI-OT): Mr. Muhammad Suleman Chawla, President, SITE Association of Industry, in a press statement, has expressed serious concerns over gas shortage in the province of Sindh in general and in SITE area Karachi in particular.

He said that SSGC is stating that the gas fields are depleting and they are not being given substitutes and instead of 1300MMCF of gas, only 1110 MMCF gas is being received by the SSGC which is very insufficient to meet the requirements of the Sindh province although the requirement of gas by the industries has gone down because of slowness in the overall business atmosphere. In spite of this slowness, the gas shortage is 200 MMCF as compared to last year which is unbearable.

He showed his surprise that the province of Sindh where almost 75pc of the gas is explored, is being deprived of its basic constitutional right. This is gross violation of Article 158 of the Constitution of Pakistan whereby it is very clear that the first right of use will be of the province where it is being explored.

Mr. Chawla added that we are producing about 2800 MMCF in Sindh and our quota is 1350 MMCF but now fields providing gas to Sindh are getting depleted. The receipt of gas has come down to 1100 MMCF in Sindh which is insufficient as compared to Baluchistan where consumption in winter got up from 20 MMCF to 150 MMCF.

He further said that under current situation, the industries will not be able to operate and fail to understand why the Chief Minister Sindh and the Government of Sindh are not raising any voice on this matter. It goes without saying that when Sindh has the first right of usage, out of 2800 MMCF, first 1350 MMCF should be given to the province of Sindh. “It is very surprising and seems that we are being discriminated in spite of providing such a huge quantity of gas to the country”, he remarked.

Mr. Chawla has appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Minister for Petroleum to see what is happening in Sindh in the matter of gas and said that now RLNG is being imported and is going to up country, why this 200 MMCF gas which is our basic right, is not being enhanced. The depleted fields should be replaced with active fields, regardless of their supply zone. The constitutional right of the Sindh province should be uphold and if SSGC wants to reduce the number of working hours of industries that would be like the last nail in the coffin since industries are already under functioning.

There is almost 30pc reduction in industrial production and under these circumstances, industries are asked by the SSGC to rationalize the use of gas. Mr. Chawla has appealed to immediately restore gas supply to Sindh province as it is a matter of our survival because reduction in industrial production has resulted in loss of hundreds of jobs, leading to lawlessness.

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